About Us

Our mission at ARTB is to put the active in activity books.

Activity books should be action driven. Drawing, tracing, and coloring all limit themselves to one manual activity: pen to paper. We believe activity books shouldn’t be so limiting! To spark magical creative discoveries we use a range of developmental actions: Tearing, Crumpling, Cutting, Folding, Pasting, and Tracing.

Actions make impact! BUILD. DESTROY. CREATE. Take Action. Build Skills. Destroy barriers. Create Confidence.

How it all began:

Artistic Refinement Therapy books & exercise series began in 2017 with the goal of creating a superior activity book; an activity based activity book. The target was to provide a portable set of activities based on paper that both contained developmental value and captured children’s interest in a fun and creative way. At the time, activity books were largely limited to pen and paper exercises. Mom and artist, Jennifer Wester thought this needed to change. She decided that activity books should engage children’s natural desires to build, destroy, and create. And seeing as none were already on the market, she created one. Soon she had a line of books spanning many developmental milestones.

Artistic Refinement Therapy Books & Exercises, abbreviated: ARTB officially opened as a small business in 2018.

In 2019, the B-Squad of characters that give each child another reason to get excited about their skills, crafting, and art was added.

About the Founder of ARTB:

Jennifer is an active parent in the parent-teacher organization for her two young boys’ Montessori school in Farmers Branch, just outside Dallas, TX. In December of 2017, she was chartered with solving two problems: to find a fundraiser and think up some travel friendly activities for her kids to do while school was out for Spring Break.

With a laptop, a printer, and her graphic design knowledge she went to work building the toolbox of the design process that ARTb now bases its success off of and the first Spring Break Activity Book was born. Jennifer, with a degree from Yale University in Computing and the Arts, couldn’t stop creating and exploring after that.  The excitement with educators and parents continued to grow. Now aiding children with a broad spectrum of developmental needs as well as adults with occupational therapy needs everyone in between, ARTb has been translated into many languages at Jennifer’s further desires to support heritage language development in the United States by proving a fun way to integrate developmentally beneficial exercises into everyday life.

We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions.
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