About Us

I want to change people’s perspective on what an activity book can do. I want to bring back the magic of paper as a material to spark creative discoveries.” ~Jennifer Wester

Artistic Refinement Therapy books & exercise series began in 2017 with the goal of creating a superior activity book. The target was to provide an activity book with developmental value that was also creative and fun. At the time, activity books used primarily coloring or simple made and connect the dot activities to engage a user’s interest. Mom, designer, and artist, Jennifer Wester thought this needed to change. She decided that activity books should have action items that activated hands and minds beyond the pen or crayon grip. After a few months of research and development, Jennifer officially opened as a small business based in Dallas, Texas in 2018, nicknaming the company ARTb.

How it all began:

Jennifer was an active parent in the parent-teacher organization for her two young boys’ Montessori school in 2017. She was chartered with solving two problems: to find a fundraiser and think up some travel friendly activities for her kids to do while school was out for Spring Break.

With a laptop, a printer, and her graphic design knowledge she went to work building the toolbox of the design process she still uses today and the first Spring Break Activity Book was born. Soon this new activity book was offered to other parents and the proverbial ball was in motion. Jennifer, with a degree from Yale University in Computing and the Arts, couldn’t stop creating and exploring after that.  The excitement with educators and parents has continued to grow since that first book. Jennifer now sees ARTb as her moment to make a difference and revolutionize the activity book market to better serve its purpose.

Now aiding children with a broad spectrum of developmental needs as well as adults with occupational therapy needs and all sorts of people in between, ARTb has been translated into many languages and is proving a fun way to integrate developmentally beneficial exercises into everyday life.



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