Mary Pickersgill & The Star Spangled Banner

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Set of two paper based activities — ready to print.

1 page is single piece paper puzzle that creates a stand-up Star Spangled Banner flag (15 stars and 15 stripes)
1 page is a multi-piece paper puzzle that creates a paper thread spool and thread-able paper needle.

Educational theme: Women’s History & U.S. History
The text of this activity talks about the largely female industry of textiles prior to the industrial revolution through the example of the seamstress responsible for the creation of the Star Spangled Banner, Mary Young Pickersgill, and her aides: a daughter, Caroline Pickersgill, two nieces, Margaret and Elza Young, and a young girl contracted to Pickersgill, Grace Wisher.


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A two page, simple to complete Star Spangled Banner activity combining U.S. History with Women’s History month to teach about Mary Pickersgill (the seamstress responsible for the creation of the Star-Spangled Banner) and the unique number of stars and stripes presented on it.

This activity calls for Tracing, Coloring, Scissor Cutting, Folding, and Pasting.
The Star Spangled Banner activity is a single piece puzzle.
The needle and thread spool activity is a multi-piece puzzle.


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