Build-Up 1 – Squares/Rectangles

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This book is part of a series of workbooks specifically designed to introduce basic forms in a 3dimensional manner, this book covers 2-dimensional to 3-dimensional conversions for geometric explorers. The specific kinds of forms practiced in this book are based off of squares and rectangles.

Activities include:
Billboard shapes involve cutting and folding to prop up 2-dimensional shapes from the book plane (kids refer to this as a pop-up)
Volumetric Shapes involve the surface area of forms such as cuboids, pyramids, and prisms, guiding users to build these shapes with their cutting and folding skills.

Skills for this book include scissor cutting, folding, matching, and glue/taping.

In developmental terms, this workbook hones sequencing capabilities, basic logical problem solving skills, dexterity, bilateral fine motor integration, dominant hand strength, hand-eye coordination, visual discrimination, visual motor integration, visual processing, and visual-spatial relationship recognition while presenting opportunities for creativity, independent exploration, and confidence building.

This book provides the user with proper mathematical terms for forms.

  • Tactile access to geometric forms, otherwise potentially difficult to provide in home or travel settings
  • Presents opportunities for engagement of adult and child
  • Sparks creativity
  • Encourages independent exploration
  • Engages the confidence of accomplishment
  • Aides in sequencing capabilities, order and logic
  • Exercises fine motor skills including: dexterity, bilateral integration, dominant hand identification, hand-eye coordination
  • Challenges and engages visual-spatial relationships, visual discrimination, visual thinking, visual motor integration, visual processing, visual perceptual skills


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