Tearing to Scissor-Cutting Book

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1 book of 28 activities spanning tearing through scissor cutting skills.



Destroy to Create!

This book works on tearing, crumpling, cutting, folding and tracing that covers a developmental scale appropriate for preschool through 1st grade learners.

Children their way from 2-D to 3-Dimensional creations while practicing and honing important fine motor and visual motor skills.

This book is designed with WAVY lines, ZIG-ZAG lines, and DOTTED lines for tearing, crumpling and tracing skills — the foundation to more advanced fine motor dexterity. Children quickly learn to identify a line on the page as one of the above 3 types, and recall the action associated with that line. For example, a WAVY line will always indicate where to tear the page. The child will then use their pincher fingers to coordinate a tearing motion incrementally down the page, visually synchronizing their movements with the printed line.

There are 5 visual instructions throughout the book.

  • Dotted Lines tell users where to trace.
  • Wavy Lines tell users where to tear.
  • Zig-Zag Lines tell users where to crumple.
  • Solid Lines tell users where to scissor cut.
  • Dashed Lines tell user where to fold over.

Suitable for learners as young as 2 years old and up
Rational: Tearing, crumpling, and gross tracing skills are of focus for children as young as 2 years old as they enter the period of development where hands are freed from the tasks of crawling and balancing, newly capable of exploring creative faculties and working on intention of action in their environment.

This book works with a users:

  • Visual Perceptual Skills
  • Visual Motor Integration
  • Fine-Motor Dexterity & Control
  • Sequencing and Order
  • Visual Processing
  • Visual Discrimination


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