Valentine’s Day with ARTB

$ 3.00 + applicable tax

5 Fun, Printable Paper-Cutting Crafts to make for Valentine’s Day with your kids using printer paper and a glue stick.


5 FUN Valentine’s Paper Crafts
to print and re-print for hours of fun.

Each craft requires only 1 sheet of paper & prints in black and white.

Tools recommended for making each craft include:
We recommend Guppy Scissor brand for young puzzlers
Glue Stick
Or school glue with a Q-tip for easy application
Bright Colors of any kind
Crayons, markers, gouache, acrylics, pastel sticks, tempura paints…

Please note:
This file is designed for private use and pre-set for double-sided printing, black , long-edge binding, black and white. Please see our tutorials page if you have questions about how to print successfully. If purchasing for public / mass give-away purposes, please confirm the appropriate printing license with us. Thank you!


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