Sequencing, Order, and Logic Skills

Sequencing is an important skill in pre-reading, comprehension, and writing.

Sequencing is the skill that we use when we break down an event into simple steps and put those steps in order. In ARTb, activities constantly require small sequencing tasks: …should I tear or crumple first? …will I fold first or do I need to scissor cut first? …can I glue these shapes together before I cut the solid line?

Sequencing skills aide us in understand how to perform tasks that require the steps be done in a specific orderIn life, we sequence constantly as we divide our time into what we need to do first, second, and last; we understand events in our lives by understanding the order in which they occur. Sequencing helps us find logic in a process and solve problems. Yet, as critical a skill as it is to successful navigation of life’s events and tasks, sequencing can be a hard concept to master or regain if lost due to injury or illness.

ARTb allows for practice in sequencing, order, and logic skills by integrating small challenges in each exercise that reinforce the user’s ability to navigate the problem through their order of operations.