Submitted By:
Mariah Fowler, PhD Candidate in Developmental Psychology, UTD
Feb. 2019

As a developmental psychologist, I am so impressed at the developmental appropriateness and the thoughtful step by step design.”

Submitted By:
Aaron Peirano Garrison, B.A. Yale University
Jan 11, 2018
I have two adorable special needs boys and I absolutely love Wester’s book series! Imagine how it felt to learn that my second child would likely struggle for the rest of his life from the affects of Autism Spectrum Disorder or witnessing my third child’s eventually diagnosis of ASD. I spent my college years doing health relief work. Suddenly I had special needs kids and was struggling to make ends meet. I wish Wester’s amazing Artistic Refinement Therapy Book Series had been available! Inexpensive activities/treatments were key. We participated in a program called Birth Two Three. Our occupational therapist used Sensory Integration Treatment with our boys providing playful, meaningful activities that enhanced their sensory intake. My boys had low praxis and motor planning skills to interact with their environments, plan a sequence of events or integrate complex movement. There was difficulty distinguishing figure ground, depth perception, spatial orientations and shapes. Dyspraxia made coordination of sensory processing from eye to hand frustrating. Books like Tracing, Cutting and Tapping would be amazing! An antecedent approach that integrates physical, visual and verbal prompts and instructions works well. We needed to break down skills into the smallest steps providing lots of repetition and reinforcement. My older son was eight when he learned to tie his shoe. Our occupational therapist would work with the boys repeating tasks again and again and one that stands out in my mind was the use of a simple pair of scissors to cut on lines, dotted lines, wavy lines. My boys needed routines, knowing what came next, what was expected. They obsessively organized, lined things up, repeated things but they needed to learn independent behaviors and practices that felt safe for an ASD child. After Birth Two Three our boys were ready for new skill sets but there was little if anything appropriate out there that would have helped us to continue developing the skills they had practiced with their therapist. Books like Tear & Crumple 1 or Build-Ups 1 Activity Book would have been perfect! I believe Artistic Refinement Therapy Book Series is the answer to this gap. Don’t miss the chance to share this incredible activity with your children, and by share I mean participate! This series is for all types and all ages, but coming from a father who adores his boys, I’m telling you that these books will improve your life! Aaron Peirano Garrison artist, filmmaker, father.